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Tips on recruiting a competent builder

Hiring a good contractor is the key to a successful building project. One of the major challenges facing the real estate industry in Nigeria, is lack of competent builders and contractors. Whether it is your home, office or an even larger project, the contractor you select will determine the outcome of your original plan.

In today’s article, we are going to walk you through all of the essential aspects you should look into when you are hiring a builder in Nigeria, so you know that you are getting a safe, reliable builder to work with you through your construction process.

a competent builder

1. Academic pedigree

In order to attain full professional status, such person must undergo certified training in either or one of the following member bodies of Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB). Also, undergo and pass the interview of the Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON).

2. Health and safety policy

Building sites can be dangerous places, so getting clear policies is a good way to protect everyone and make sure that nobody is put at risk. Thus, ensure that the builder has an up-to-date health and safety policy. You can further make them complete a health and safety questionnaire and raise any concerns you may have so they can be addressed and rectified.

3. Level of experience

More experienced builders or contractors are prone to make smarter and wiser decisions regarding project management. As this is due to accumulated strategies and valuable experiences overtime, as it can influence their decisions and enable them deliver effectively. You should seek a portfolio of previous work. As the saying goes; “Experience is the best teacher”.

4. References

It is advisable to seek a portfolio of the builder’s previous work and contact past clients, close friends or family members, to enquire if there were any issues with the work done. Have a look at what they’ve done before. Such vital information will answer questions bordering on the quality of past projects done by the contractor.

5. Pricing: cost and estimates

It is essential to hire a builder that meets or stays within your budget specifications. You can carry out a price comparison to obtain competitive prices from prospective and competent builders or contractors. A builder’s quotation need not be too low to avoid a future hike in prices or too high; a high quote does not always guarantee quality output. Thus, there is need to strike a balance between cost and estimate.

a competent builder
Meeting for an architectural project

6. Genuine interest in your needs

Be comfortable talking to your builder about the budget, quality of work and duration. Good builders love their jobs and are passionate about what they do. You in turn should be enthusiastic about getting something nice and new. You’re working towards the same goal. Building is a valuable asset that you may well live or work in, thus, make sure it is well crafted, and up to your standards.

a competent builder
Builders on a construction site

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