How Abuja residents protect their property

How Abuja Residents Protect Their Property (Pt 2)

How Abuja residents protect their property is a major concern for visitors to the FCT. Read and share...

We already wrote on an initial 6 precautions to secure your home in Abuja, see this article here. Now, below are 5 more precautions to keep close. Please read and share to others.

Be cautious with keys:

Do not leave spare keys outside your home, as burglars often know common hiding spots. Instead, give spare keys to trusted neighbors or family members. If you move into a new home, consider changing the locks to ensure that you have complete control over who has access.

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Use timers for lights:

When you’re away from home, use timers to automatically turn lights on and off. This creates the illusion that someone is home and can deter potential burglars.

Maintain your landscaping:

Overgrown shrubs and trees can provide cover for burglars. Keep your landscaping well-maintained and trim back any foliage near windows and doors.

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Be mindful of social media:

Avoid posting about your whereabouts or extended periods of absence on social media platforms. Sharing such information can make your home a target for burglaries.

Consider a security guard or dog:

Depending on your security needs and budget, you may consider hiring a security guard or getting a guard dog. A visible security presence can deter criminals, while dogs can provide an added layer of protection and alert you to potential threats.


Remember, no security measure is foolproof, but taking a combination of these precautions can significantly enhance the security of your home in Abuja. Assess your specific needs and consult with security professionals to determine the most appropriate measures for your property.

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