Why is the Government clearing scavenger's colony good for Abuja? What will happen to the present occupants? How about the trees growing there?

Why is the Government clearing scavenger’s colony good for Abuja? What will happen to the present occupants? How about the trees growing there? These questions bog the mind when you read that the Minister of the FCT, Nyesom Wike has ordered the demolition of scavenger’s colony. But there are gains to make in clearing that site and we are discussing them in this article.

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Abuja scavengers colony

Abuja Scavengers Colony

Crime Relocation

The area has already been known to harbor criminal elements, of whom the residents of Abuja have complained to the Government for many years. In 2018, the people lamented that the scavengers would take their valuables and vandalize public utilities. The Federal Minister, in explaining to journalists, also added that;

“This is a hideout of criminals…”

Nyesom Wike, Daily Nigerian

Since we cannot easily say that by clearing out a habitation, crime will be wiped out, at least we can accept that it will be relocated somewhere else.

Proper Management of Refuse Sites

The current scavenger’s colony is not the Government approved dump site. The FCT is well-known for its masterplan, and all residents, like Real Estate developers, ought to adhere to the provisions of that plan. If you go through what the FCT Administration said in 2018 through the Social Development Secretariat (SDS) Secretary, Alhaji Oladimeji Ali Hassan, the approved dump sites are “located at Idu and Jabi” and in the respective “Area Councils.”

Mabushi is an Urbanized Area

Thoroughfare Restored

This is why trees the Government has declared the trees planted in the area to be illegal, because, according to the Ministry, residents planted those trees in expectation of compensation when they learnt that a major road would pass through the area.

The colony which is located behind the Minister’s Quarters in Mabushi District, lies on a planned thoroughfare linking Mabushi, Jahi and Kado Districts. The road is known as N12, according to Vanguard.

And as we’ve earlier written, Abuja’s roads add to the brand of the FCT. It is important to socio-economic activities, to security and to the image of the city.

If you do some more thinking and maybe even researching, you can find many more reasons to demolish this place. But these 3 are very important to the city and to the nation, by extension. Especially because Abuja has always been a leading concept for development across Nigeria.

Abuja residents are watching to see how the Ministry of the FCT unrolls this plan, but Real Estate developers are even more interested. The hope is that the development direction of the administration plays out sooner.

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