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Abuja Light Rail, Prospects for the Capital City

Abuja light rail has been in use for a while, but the FG has announced further investment. Here are benefits for the FCT. Click to read...

On Monday, October 30, 2023, the Federal Executive Council (FEC) discussed the Abuja light rail system and concluded with a decision to invest in the project. Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, announced to journalists after the day’s FEC meeting that the Federal Government has committed the sum of N5.9 billion in the Abuja light rail endeavor.

“Today, council approved the award of contract for the construction of access roads for the Abuja light rail. You are aware that Mr. President has given the directive that he wants to ride on the metro line” said Wike, according to Punch.

But what are the prospects and benefits of the renewed investment-attention in this project.

It Will Come with Road Infrastructure

Already the Minister argued “Now it will not be possible if there are no access roads to commuters in communities around”. He added that “If you don’t create parks and access roads, it will be difficult. And so the council decided to approve this to CCECC…”

These roads, according to the Minister concerns LOT 4 for communities around the airport and Abuja Hajj Camp. The investment is actually to build and upgrade roads. These roads will connect the light rail project to communities in Abuja that ought to benefit from it.

Reduced Logistics Costs

Although a heavily urbanized territory, the FCT has large swathes of land used for farming. While light rail is mainly for moving personnel, it is also useful for moving moderate sized cargo like Agricultural produce and traders wares. Light rail comes with an advantage of lower costs of moving passengers. And these light to moderate cargo, making it possible to keep cost of products like fast moving consumer goods low. This advantage is a key benefit to the local economy.

Traffic Decongestion

Traffic situation in the FCT has worsened as rural-urban migration increases. Also, as more residents acquire vehicles, and of course, as the roads get dilapidated this continues. Paying more attention to the light rail system would significantly decongest our roads.

More Benefits from Abuja Light Rail

Other benefits of light rail include relatively low noise, shorter commuting times, low fuel consumption, potential to connect the heart of the capital territory to neighbouring states. Kaduna, Niger, Nassarawa, and Kogi, will all link up without the need for noisy and chaotic logistics. Meanwhile, if we continue in this trajectory of prioritizing the Abuja infrastructural environment, it will only add to the FCT.

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