Abuja International Housing Show

All you need to know about the upcoming 16th Abuja International Housing Conference 2022

Abuja International Housing Show 2022
Abuja International Housing Show 2022

You have probably heard of the upcoming biggest housing and construction expo scheduled to hold in Abuja, Nigeria. Otherwise, here are some pointers to walk you through the registration process.

The International Housing Show/Exhibition features Products Presentation, Exhibition of Building Technology for affordable housing from different parts of the world, home interiors, modern construction equipment, chemical and paints products, mortgage services, housing projects, interactive forums with high net-worth participants, culminating in Nigeria Housing Awards 2022.

The AIHS will promote this session on exploring critical factors like Housing and Mortgage Inclusion, Home Ownership Diversity and Equity in Housing Finance delivery, all targeted at reviewing the opportunities combining notions like inclusion, diversity and equity, with housing finance delivery strategies while addressing the challenges that investors face as well as existing strategies, policies and innovative approaches on the issue of housing inclusion.

Abuja International Housing Show is Africa’s biggest housing and construction expo.

Here are some benefits of the programme:

1. You get to exhibit and introduce new and innovative products and services while utilizing the information received for growth and development in the real estate sector.

2. You get to meet seasoned experts in the field and gain exposure. This is a forum that brings together all real estate stakeholders to discuss and display sector trends. Also offering real estate stakeholders an additional medium for networking, meeting visitors who have a buying capability – face to face and sealing deals.

3. You get to join a list of growing exhibitors to enjoy repeat business opportunities that other stake holders have enjoyed relentlessly every year.

4. You get new information and enlightenment from seasoned experts and professionals in the sector.

And lots more.

How to register:


Participants can register to attend the 200 capacity seminar at the venue physically (highly recommended) or virtually.

This is split into varied categories:

Category A: Exhibition booth booking – one can book a stand to represent the organization. Prices range from 500k – 4.3 million. And booth size varies.

Category B: International housing conference – there is a conference participation fee of ₦70,000 which covers conference bags; 3 breakfast, 3 days lunch, memo and certificate.

Category C: CEO forum registration – there is a conference participation fee of ₦80,000 which covers conference bags; 3 breakfast, 3 days lunch, memo and certificate.

And finally,

Category D: Registration for virtual participation of which you fill in your details, and wait for subsequent correspondence.

Venue: The International Conference Centre, Abuja.

Date: July 25th – 28th, 2022.

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