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5 things you ought not do to that lovely bedroom

5 things you ought not do to that lovely bedroom

5 things you ought not do to that lovely bedroom

The bedroom is the place we reset and recharge. As exhausting as life can be and in the stress of work or raising children, even both. Getting a good night’s sleep becomes paramount. It also gets difficult. The only thing worse than poor sleep is waking up in a cluttered bedroom. Your bedroom is a place of rest, solace and however else it cuts it for you.

Most times we get overly excited and creative with our home decorations, which is fine, but there are certain things you must avoid in order to keep your room sane, safe, healthy, ventilated and tastefully decorated. Start with any of the guides below to make your space a little bit healthier.

5 things you ought not do to that lovely bedroom

Avoid cluttering

Littering your bed or chairs with unfolded laundry and other things lying carelessly around can pose more hazardous than you expect. Cluttering your bedroom with an untidy collection of things can leave you fatigued, clumsy, increase your stress hormone levels. A well organized room space will give you an air of calmness and warm reception as you come home after a long day out. You can navigate with ease without bumping into things, and come back to a neatly-spread bed.

Avoid overstuffing

Overstuffing your wardrobe with old clothes, shoes, bags and more is really a bad idea; why? Because it will never stop. Take stock of what you really wear, not what you think you may wear one day. Get rid of things you don’t wear by gifting them out to those in dire need. Another risk of overstuffing is insects. They can easily nest inside the wardrobe and infest the clothes. Endeavour to keep your clothes neatly hung or folded at all times.

Put away work stuff

Some of us work from home. It can be difficult to find space when your house is full of people. You need to keep your brain from associating your bedroom with your workday for a good night’s sleep. So, if you have space, set up your work area in some other part of your home and quit keeping work stuff in your bedroom. If there’s nowhere else, stick to a schedule. Once you’re through for the day, put away work-related materials. This practice will help keep your bedroom from turning into a cluttered mess.

Avoid oversized furniture

An oversized furniture can consume most of the space, leaving you with little space to fuse all other room items. Get accurate measurement of your room in order to determine the right furniture size to buy. You might want to avoid getting an oversized bed or wardrobe if your room space is small. Moderate fittings would enable you fit other stuff inside the room without cluttering it.

Avoid choking your room

Proper ventilation is ideal for the room. Let go of unnecessary clothes, aesthetics, decorations, furnishings etc. You should keep your room well ventilated. Overstuffing your room can cause the air to be stuffy, dull and also affect your sleep.

5 things you ought not do to that lovely bedroom

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